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Went Busto First Time In

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Went Busto First Time in 6 Years plz read
  RealArkons, Jan 25 2009

I was told I should make a blog from another forum so here it is.
Hello Guys,
Well my friend lipton told me about this site said a bunch of SC players are here. Some of you may remember thought I doubt it. I was top 10 in season 1, 2 and 3 ( i could have been like 11th in one of them my nickname was Arkons and someone has been using it on this forum it appears because I cannot make the name.

Anyways I will come out with it, I have been playing poker for 6 years and I went busto yesterday. I will tell the truth, I actually drunkily made a sportsbet for get this.... my entire bankroll, I actually thought that it was a for sure bet and there is no way id lose. I keep my roll at 5k and play 1-2 and 2-4 multi tabling. I have never had money issues but I did not put any money aside for rent or anything, before you flame me ill be the first to say im a stupid moron.

I know its a long shot but I really need help, I need someone to stake me on their terms, I have just moved in a new apartment in dallas i was in houston and I cant even pay rent. I am a consistent winner from 4-6bb/hr in both 1-2 and 2-4 while 4-6 tabling.

I am hoping someone is kind enough to help me and stake me, I have never asked for money from anyone in my life I have always had an overabundance and made many loans over the years. All my poker friends (supposed friends) wont lift a finger to help me which is very sad to me they know i am a winner and the highest limit player drives an aston martin he paid cash for and has several hundred thousand.

I wont ramble on I will just say I need help. I dont even have money for anything even food this is no joke I pray someone can help me i will be so grateful and careful and play on your terms. I have a party account my friend made for me from uk a ftp account and a playersonly account(cake). Thanks for the consideration I know its a long shot and I hope this is the right forum. I will be up all night because I cannot sleep im so stressed I have a daughter and I cant get a job let alone a paycheck for food and rent. I should be able to pay the stake back in 2 weeks or less and I will continue to play if youd like. I am a winner please trust in this(except sports betting i learned my lesson)

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